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Teet Sirotkin is a well-known club organizer and DJ in Sweden. He has a soft spot for black music and he started Sweden’s first Northern Soul Club back in 1983. Teet has played most floors in Stockholm as well as many other cities in Sweden and has been running a string of successful clubs, such as Steamin’, Panda, PuNK, Street Life and  Stranded. The club Indierave which he started with some friends was awarded “Best Club of the Year” in the Swedish magazine Nöjesguiden in 2005. The club featured Indie-pop, soul and other genres, but in a rave setting with lasers, glow-sticks and the works. Teet’s musical profile is diverse, but focuses on 60s and 70s soul, old school rap, disco, funk and Indie pop. He is born in Stockholm, but both his parents are Estonian.